25 Netflix shows you could binge over the holiday weekend

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11. Jessica Jones

We’ll admit it: it was not easy to pick one of the three Marvel Netflix series currently available. To put it mildly, all three of them are really, really good. However, after much deliberation (and definitely not a coin toss), we’ve settled on Jessica Jones.

The main character of the same name, played by Krysten Ritter, works as a private investigator in New York City while also dealing with some pretty serious mental health issues stemming from a run in with the Purple Man, played by David Tennant again. (Funny how he keeps showing up on this list, isn’t it?) Throughout the series, she realizes that he’s back in town, and she has to decide how to handle that while also working on other cases.

Krysten Ritter owns this series as Jessica Jones, plain and simple. However, that doesn’t mean the cast around her is lacking. That’s simply not true at all. It’s pretty refreshing to see David Tennant in a non-heroic role, too.

With just 13 episodes and a TV-MA rating, it’s another show to watch at night or with headphones on at the minimum. If you finish this one and still feel the need for more Marvel in your life — and we wouldn’t blame you — try Luke Cage since it also has just one season, and save Daredevil, with its two seasons, for another weekend like, say, New Year’s?