The 15 Best Movies of 2016

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11. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

You won’t see a lot of comedies on this list and that’s because this year wasn’t exactly one that drew out laughs. Laughs of sarcasm or to keep from crying, maybe. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, from the gang best known as The Lonely Island, got big, hearty belly laughs from me. Their mockumentary follows popstar Connor 4Real (Andy Samberg) as he rises the wave of fame only to come crashing down after a bad album.

Compared to the ultimate parody film, Rob Reiner’s 1984 classic This is Spinal Tap, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping had some prescient things to say about the music industry. Attacking the likes of Justin Bieber, Tyler the Creator, and others, it’s remarkable how many celebrity cameos – particularly musicians – the film amassed, many of whom you question know they’re poking fun at themselves. It’s a raucous, witty and spot-on parody that, at times, gives off an eerie feeling that all this could be true…and probably is for some stars. Popstar also has one of the year’s best soundtracks. Honestly, go onto Spotify and listen to “Incredible Thoughts” and “Turn Up the Beef.” Why are they not on the Best Song Oscar shortlist? (One of the film’s songs, “I’m So Humble” with Adam Levine, is actually on the Best Original Song list.)

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