20 Reasons the Harry Potter Movies are Christmas Movies

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16. Dobby’s Gift for Harry

Dobby gave Harry multiple gifts throughout the series because Harry was the reason that Dobby was a free elf. We all love Dobby and his devotion to Harry but we also love him because of how much he cares about the boy, enough that he personally made Harry socks for Christmas.

For any other character, this would have been weird but sweet. But for Dobby, it meant so much more. You see, Harry had given Dobby a sock to free him. So it was a message to Harry that said thank you in the only way that Dobby knew how.

There is just something so amazing about the relationship between Harry and Dobby. It started with Harry hating him and as the series went on, they loved each other. Dobby was a friend to Harry Potter and when he died, everyone felt it.

So this moment, when Dobby gives a gift to Harry, it just shows how much Dobby cares about him. Nothing more. He just loves Harry for what he did for Dobby and for who he is. And that’s why we all love Dobby. He is selfless and only cares to serve Harry who helped save Dobby from the Malfoy’s.