13 wearable gifts for the TV fangirl in your life

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Courtesy of https://www.etsy.com/shop/FamilyHouseStampin.

Parks and Recreation Bracelet

This hand-stamped bracelet is an amazing present for fans and newbies alike. Of course, if Leslie Knope is one of your feminist heroines, being able to wear some of her most iconic words on your body at all times is a wonderful thing. But even if you’ve never seen the show, the sentiment remains. This bracelet bends to fit any and all wrist sizes, is safe for your skin, and will send a message to the receiver- likely an Ann Perkins-caliber beautiful, tropical, fish- that they’ll always be number one in your book.

And if a bracelet isn’t the right way to go for your Pawnee-loving pal? This Etsy shop (which specializes in hand-stamped treasures, so you KNOW you’re getting quality work) also offers a swirly, twirly Knope quote ring. You can present it to your Pawnee goddess in a box, a gift bag, or the traditional way- straight from your hand onto theirs as you ride in on the tiny, majestic back of a Li’l Sebastian impersonator.

Perfect for: your best friend, for whom you have ditched countless dates and rejected infinite advances in favor of sitting on couch next to; lovers of feminism, fashion, and fandom-y goodness. Uteruses before duderuses 4ever.