13 wearable gifts for the TV fangirl in your life

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Courtesy of https://www.etsy.com/shop/JollyHollieday.

30 Rock Brooch

Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like a tiny pin emblazoned with the exasperation of a middle-aged TV writer who wears the same sweatshirt for 6 years and eats way too much cheese night in and night out. This little plastic hand painted accessory will make any Liz Lemon fanatic as happy as Sabor De Soledad makes our heroine, and despite its statement of ennui, the sweet, colorful lemon it lives upon will brighten up any wardrobe. (Sorry, Beyoncé, but Tina Fey lemon-ed us all way before you even thought about lemonading us.)

Though the “Blerg” pin is truly ideal for anyone who says it so often, it’ll just be more convenient to have it on their lapel, this Etsy shop also makes a “Good God” lemon pin, in case you want to be a bit more on the nose with your fangirl gifting slash blatant disapproval of the receiver’s life choices.

Perfect for: Your boss, or any woman you know who chooses to embody Liz Lemon’s garbage habits and life choices (and inherent refusal to comprehend societal expectations or internalize external judgments) in a way that empowers her. Liz is sometimes the worst, but she’s often the best because she doesn’t care who thinks she’s the worst. And that’s the true meaning of Christmas, kids!