Subscription Box Gifts Have Your Shopping List Taken Care Of

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Image courtesy of Pura Vida Bracelets

For the Bedazzled

Worldly Box ($12)
Wordly offers unique, hand-made jewelry from around the world curated by those who travel to the places where they come from. All items are fair trade and empower small business-people and artisans all over the world.
Pura Vida Bracelets ($15)
Pura Vida bracelets are darling wrist adornments hand-made in Costa Rica. Pura Vida supports more than one hundred artisans with full-time work making bracelets. The monthly club gets you three bracelets worth up to $50
Diamond Box Club ($19)
“Diamond Box is a girl’s best friend!” This subscription sends a hand-picked necklace and earring set every month. They have both dainy, delicate styles and statement styles.

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JewelBits ($33)
Select your jewelry style and each month receive two to four pieces of boutique jewelry. You keep the jewelry forever and can cancel anytime.
Myntbox ($30)
This box is for the girl who loves anything boho. Pieces are often statement items and are full of colors, shapes, and textures!
BezelBox ($30)
BezelBox’s goal is to find and send jewelry that isn’t just trendy. They want you to LOVE every piece you get and use them as signature items in your everyday.

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Gem La La ($43)
With each shipment, you’ll receive five to six specially chosen items in an exclusive reusable tote bag. This is a quarterly subscription.
Jewelry Buddhibox ($50)
This is for the Yogi or Earth Child in your life. Each quarter a box will be sent with malas and inspirational jewelry.  It also includes essential oils, balms, salves, and other yoga-ish items.
Fifth Avenue Style ($98)
Answer a few questions about your style and then receive a 5th Avenue collection each month. This is for the chic, sophisticated woman in your life.

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Our fave
Rocksbox ($19)
This is a jewelry rental subscription. Each month, you’ll rent three pieces selected by a personal stylist. Shipping is free both ways. Why it’s my fave: Jewelry tends to stack up, so this takes care of clutter.
Shiny Objects Society ($75)
This box has two options: The Aristocrat or High Society. The Aristocrat sends out two smaller pieces of jewelry or one statement piece each month. The High Society is more expensive ($125) but gives you three small pieces, one large statement piece, or a mix of small/medium pieces. Why it’s my fave: get quality items like Rocksbox, but keep them!
VogueTote Unlimited Jewelry and Handbags ($40)
Take their style quiz, add items to your wish list, receive items based off your taste. Keep items as long as you want, return them when you’re ready, or buy them to keep for a discount! Includes jewelry and designer handbags!