Subscription Box Gifts Have Your Shopping List Taken Care Of

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For the Nerd

Fanspirations ($13)
Fanspirations gives you the choice of Fandom you’d like to receive. For November, for example, they offered six different boxes: Mix of Fandoms, Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas at Hogwarts, Classic Movie Christmas Villains, Spiderman, and Battlefield.
Gamer Girl Monthly $13)
Get gamer girl game-themed jewelry every month. From earrings to pins and bangles, everything a gamer girl could want to accessorize for her favorite past-time.
LootCrate ($14)
LootCrate is for the ultimate nerd in your friend circle. Each box is filled with goodies about different fandoms– from Marvel to Doctor Who and even specialty boxes (Harry Potter, Anime, Gaming, Firefly, etc). Our Assistant Editor Buckie had this to say:

"They [LootCrate] clearly listen to the customers and added t-shirts to every box. Sometimes the shirt quality isn’t great, though."

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POP! and a Tee ($18)
If you love t-shirts and POP! Vinyl figures, this one is rather simple but pleasing. Each month, receive a POP! Vinyl figure and a t-shirt. You choose the t-shirt size.
Smugglers Bounty ($25)
Smuggler’s Bounty is the ultimate Star Wars box. This subscriptions service offers an annual membership that includes a free gift, or a bi-monthly plan for $25. Our Assistant Editor Buckie had this to say about it:

"“Everything (and I mean everything) is actually exclusive to the box you get. There are also occasionally variants of t-shirts or figures. For example, The First Order Box had 4 different t-shirts and one of two figures was different. (I got the Kylo Ren shirt and the red-striped pilot, if you care to know.)  Every box also includes a badge and a pin as well.”"

Nerd Block ($29.49)
Choose your block: Classic, Shirt, Arcade, Horror, SciFi, Comic, or Junior. Boxes include nerd gear, toys, and collectibles.

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The Curiosity Box ($50)
Each box includes six to nine items guaranteed to be worth at least $85. Items include experiments, science surprises, curiosity box gear, and other awesome, curious items. A portion of each box sold goes to Alzheimer’s research.
TableTop Box ($50)
This is for the gamer– but not the video gamer. Tabletop games are a huge hit these days. You can play with your nerd group, with your family, with complete strangers…
The Nick Box ($50)
Blast from the past! Who didn’t watch Nickelodeon cartoons before or after school as a kid? This box will take you back to the good old days. This is a quarterly subscription. TMNT, Rugrats, The Angry Beavers, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Arnold, and many more childhood friends will be included in each box.

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Our fave
The ZBOX ($23)
The ZBOX is just like the other nerdy subscription services. Each month, you receive a secret box filled with $50 worth of exclusive, licensed stuff. Why it’s my fave: Exclusive stuff! 
J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate ($35)
This crate is made by LootCrate and is considered a specialty box (because you’re picking a theme, rather than their “standard” boxes). There are five to seven items in each box revolving around the world of Harry Potter. Items are officially licensed and come in a really cool box. Our Administrator Ani bought this box. Here’s what she said:

"It came with a shirt I liked, a Newt POP! figure and a stuffed owl that is now hanging out in my office."

BlindBox Comics ($21)
Starting at $21/ month, you can have fresh new comics delivered monthly. You choose how long you want to get the service (one, three, six, twelve months) and what type of subscription you want (BlindBox has 5 comics, BlindVariant includes one monthly exclusive variant cover, and BlindBox Plus includes five comics and a variant cover).