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Image courtesy of Magic Room Music Supply

For the Musician

Magic Room Brand Music Supply ($8)
Choose between the Drum subscription, Guitar subscription, or both if you’re just that talented (or know someone else who is). This box will supply you with drum sticks, strings, picks, and other necessities.
Axe Packs ($6)
Axe Packs by Cratejoy sends guitar strings monthly. Start a stash and always sound great!
Guitar Shop Tees ($22)
Guitar Shop tees sends out t-shirts from guitar shops from around the world. You can choose from month-to-month plan, or subscribe for three, six, or twelve months.

Photo courtesy of Inverse and Vinyl Moon

Band of the Month T-Shirt Club ($25)
Choose a plan and this service will send out a new band’s t-shirt every month, including a little ditty on the band, so you can go find their music and shows.
Feedbands ($25)
This is one VERY cool service. Members vote on which indie bands they love most then Feedbands presses their albums to vinyl. Subscribers then get new vinyl in the mail every month.
Vinyl Moon ($30)
Vinyl Moon is sort of like Feedbands, except they put together mix tapes of great music that you may have never heard of and press them to vinyl.

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That Special Record ($39)
That Special Record specializes in curating House, EDM, Drone, and Techno records from small record labels. Get limited edition records with specially designed covers to your door monthly.
Secret Soundtrack ($40)
Secret Soundtrack sends out limited edition LPs of movie soundtracks. Soundtracks have never been released on vinyl, so this one is definitely exclusive.
Third Man Records Vault ($60)
Third Man records (Jack White) subscription includes exclusive chat room access, event live-streaming, ticket pre-sale opportunities, discounts at Third  Man online and retail locations, quarterly shipments of a 12″ record, a 7″ record, and a special gift.

Image courtesy of Turntable Kitchen

Our Faves
The Music Box ($5+)
Choose between The Envelope (one mix tape CD), The Bundle (two CDs plus the mix tape), or The Box (Two CDs plus extras). Why it’s my fave: Get new music on the cheap!
Turntable Kitchen ($27)
Each month get new music from up-and-coming artists and a unique menu to go with the playlist. Why it’s my fave: two of life’s best things: food and music.
VNYL ($32)
Create a profile and connect your Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, and tell VNYL a little bit about what you want in new music. Then, each month, choose a vibe. From there, you’ll be sent new music specifically matching your preferences! Why it’s my fave: Get what fits your life, not what someone else is trying to force feed you.

Well there you have it! If you can’t find a gift from this list, then you are doomed. Happy shopping!

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