Love Actually Plotlines Ranked By Sadness

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Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

John and Judy 

They meet as stand-ins on a film that’s seemingly mostly just boning. They get to know each other as completely naked strangers. He warms up her boobs for her as crew members work to light them properly before they ever even share a meal together. Their love story is CLASSIC!!! In the midst of the heartbreak and drama, John and Judy’s lighthearted plot line just straight-up makes me smile.

They’re both sweet, fairly awkward young dorks who happen upon each other in the world, and discover while faux-humping that the other is a potential perfect match. Their love is simple and straightforward, and the only moment during which even one tear would be warranted is the lovely little scene where John walks Judy to her door, and she turns and tells him, earnestly, “All I want for Christmas…is you.” As the old saying goes: first comes fake groping, then comes marriage!