The Definitive Ranking of All the Villains in the Star Wars Saga Films

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16. Sebulba, the Wampa and Other Creatures

The podracing scene is one of the few good things to come out of The Phantom Menace. As we meet young Anakin, we learn that he has incredible reflexes, which help him become a formidable podracer. Technically, he’s the best, but since his rival, Sebulba, always cheated, he never won a race prior to the Boonta race. Moreover, if Sebulba had won the race on Tatooine, Anakin never would’ve been freed from slavery. And if Anakin never intervened in the skirmish between Sebulba and Jar-Jar Binks, Jar-Jar might’ve been killed, too.

So, Sebulba’s malice could’ve changed the course of the films. Well, in theory. Because he appeared in the prequels, the rest of the story was already written. But if Anakin was never freed from slavery, would he have still become Darth Vader? If Jar-Jar Binks was killed on Tatooine, he wouldn’t have voted to give Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers in Revenge of the Sith, either.

Now, in regards to the other creatures, special attention needs to be paid to the animals that existed just as a way for the Star Wars production time to really exercise their creativity. Many of the best and most ferocious creatures, like the Rancor, Sarlacc, and Wampa, appeared in the original trilogy before the CGI renaissance.

Nevertheless, the creatures make the list just for getting close enough to almost eat Luke Skywalker.