Hufflepuff Hip Hop Hits it Big on YouTube

Huffle-WHAT?! Watch out, Hogwarts, the Hufflepuff House is on a mission to prove their worth, and this kickass new rap video puts them over the top.

Some folks on the internet aren’t huge fans of the Hufflepuff House. I was unaware of this. I assumed all the Houses in the Potterverse got along for the most part (except the Slytherins, naturally). But since Pottermore (correctly) sorted me into Ravenclaw, I know when I should shut my mouth and let people speak for themselves.

Which is why when I discovered Los Angeles-based artist Amontiock’s song “Hufflepuff Puff Pass,” I had to listen right away. And thank Dumbledore I did, because it’s fantastic. Watch for yourself below.

Even if you have a less-than-favorable view of the dear Badger Brigade, you can appreciate the slick flow of these lyrics. Hufflepuffs take great pride in their house and give 100% to whatever project they put their mind to. Judging by these rhymes, it’s clear they do their homework with gusto.

No extendable ears? No fear. Just listen
To story ’bout the dormitory stationed near the kitchen
Butterbeers, pour it up, don’t spill ‘em
Walk up to the barrels, tap ‘em in the perfect rhythm (perfect rhythm)
But be careful if you’re not a welcome visitor, sinister
Tap the wrong way (hey) you’ll be doused in vinegar

Courtesy: YouTube

There’s a ton of fun visuals throughout the video and a lot of black and yellow parties to be had. If you let yourself get swept away in the rap flow, you’ll have a newfound respect for these Puffs. These Badgers lay it all on the line in one of the final verses, which proves they’re a dorkforce to be reckoned with!

Here in Hufflepuff, we are the tridest and truest
Of dark wizards in your world, we produce the fewest
Why do you do this? You clueless, you think we soft?
Talking bout the house that brought up Hengist of Woodcroft?
Founder of the village called Hogsmeade
Down at the Hog’s Head, people drinkin’ what they all need
But don’t forget respect for those in our memory
Raise up your Fire Whiskey, pour one out for Cedric D

One more quick author’s note I have to admit. Upon first viewing, I definitely had a callback to some Northwestern University frat parties. I mean that in the sincerest way possible, that is a very good thing. Nerd recognizes nerd. Keep up the amazing work, Amontiok!