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Last weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop NY was a great kickoff for Season 7! We got to see what was left of the cast from last season and meet some of the newcomers!

It was nice to see Cardi B doing so much better with her music career finally taking off. Last season it seemed as though her mind was on everything except the music. Her appearance on Love & Hip Hop NY appears to have helped her gain some newfound fame, but hopefully she will be able to use it wisely. Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy joined the cast this season and the two reunited at the beginning of episode one. Cardi caught her up on all of juicy details of her life. Including, how she feels about her newfound fame, missing the hood, and her boyfriend Tommy. Just in case you didn’t catch last season, Tommy is incarcerated and Cardi was planning on marrying him, but now she is not so sure about settling down.

Later on in the episode, Cardi B heads to the dentist with another fresh face on the cast named Swift. Cardi is trying to get her teeth fixed to shut up all of her haters. Meanwhile, Swift is supposed to be in town helping Cardi with her music career, yet he hasn’t told her that he has a girlfriend. Hopefully, she keeps her mind straight, but there was a bit of flirting going on. Maybe Cardi has Swift to thank for getting her mind off of settling down with Tommy. However, it also sounds like he will be the one tempt her away from a fresh new start.

Speaking of settling down… Last season Remy Ma and Papoose joined the cast. They renewed their vows on the show, but Remy also made a promise to give Papoose some babies. Remy has just starting getting her rap career back afloat, following her release from prison. Papoose is more than ready to take on more kids and wants Remy to make good on her promise about having more, yet she is just getting things back on track with her career. The decision has not been made either way, but lets just say that this conversation is far from over.

Yandy is the alumni on the cast and she normally seems to have most of her baggage in order. Last season Mendeecees faced his sentencing and was incarcerated. So, the majority of his involvement this season is by phone calls only. Yandy has been struggling to keep things together without him, but it has been really hard on her while dealing with his other kid’s mothers. Both are expected to be on Love & Hip Hop NY this season.

In fact, Yandy actually met with Lil Mendeecees mother, Samantha so they could get the kids together. Samantha pointed out that she wasn’t keeping her son away, however there was a problem with him seeing his father in prison. She also made it clear that she has always had sole custody of Lil Mendeecees, but let him stay on with Yandy and Mendeecees until he faced sentencing.

It was pointed out beforehand that Samantha wanted to clear the air on her parenting this season. So it looks like that was settled fast, although no decision was reached about the kids because the moms began arguing and Samanthat stormed off. Getting the kids together again may turn out to be harder than Yandy anticipated…

The Creep Squad also got together in episode one, but the creepos of NY seem to be looking to add some new members. The group already consists of Rich Dollaz, Peter Gunz, Cisco, and DJ Self, although Peter has been busy keeping his wife, Amina and his longtime girlfriend, Tara happy lately.

The Creep Squad love to offer their expertise to the lovely, unsuspecting women of NY. They are supposed to be helping with music careers, but tend to get too involved with several ladies. Usually, it ends badly with women fighting, heartbroken, or pregnant.

Snoop is trying to start her own recording label. She just moved her girlfriend, Jade down from Chicago, but Jade is a little jealous of the attention Snoop gets from other women. They seem like a really cute couple, but Jade is a little fiesty. Snoop will do better staying away from The Creep Squad, but we’ll see.

Just as Snoop sits down with the Creep Squad a bet is made for her to try and catch a lady at the bar. Little did they know, it just happened to be Snoop’s girlfriend Jade. Snoop didn’t let on that she knew Jade, but walked over and gave her a kiss before the two left together. Guess she won that bet, but she also made herself a target for a membership offering from The Creep Squad!

Kimbella came back to Love & Hip Hop NY this season with her man, Juelz Santana. She was in Season 2, but left when a bunch of drama hit the fan. Both have decided to be more mellow this time around and first on the list was making ammends with Yandy. Yandy and Kimbella have always been close friends, but haven’t talked since Yandy and Mendeecees wedding.

Juelz met with Yandy first since he was planning on working with her. He tried to bring up Kimbella, but Yandy didn’t seem to interested in working things out with her. Yandy tells Juelz that she doesn’t feel that her best friend has been there for her since Mendeecees absence. It doesn’t appear that the friends will reunite, although she did agree to work with Juelz.

Towards the end of the episode Kimbella barged into Yandy’s office. The two friends argued about how they both felt forgotten by each other. Yandy explained that she didn’t have time for Kimbella’s drama with what she has been going through with Mendeecees. Kimbella told Yandy she was sorry that she hadn’t called or been there for her. Just as it began to seem as though they might get into a fight, both women began crying and hugged it out instead.

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All in all it was a great first episode. There wasn’t a whole lot of drama, but you could definitely see it coming on the horizon. We got to know a lot of new faces, watched old friends work out their issues, and of course the creeps reunited. Stay tuned though because there is more to come on the next episode of Love & Hip Hop NY: “Strawberries”… Check out where to watch it online below. Don’t forget to check back here at Culturess for the Recap and 3 Wildest Moments following the show!

Date: Monday, November 28
Start time: 8/7c
Episode: “Strawberries”
TV Channel: VH1

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