30 Reasons Why Jon Snow Deserves The Iron Throne

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Image credit: HBO/Helen Sloan

2. He Came Back From the Dead

While we are well aware that Daenerys has dragons, Jon came back to life. How cool is that? Now if I was looking at candidates for King or Queen, I’d make a list of positives and negatives. Negatives for Daenerys? A lot of people want her dead. Positives for Jon? He’s already been killed and came back to life and he’s stronger for it. That should win him the crown right there.

Not only is it cool, it means that he is destined for something great (or at least that is what it should mean). He was brought back to life. How many other kings and queens can say that? I’d venture to say none. But then there’s Jon here. He knows what the afterlife is like. Because he died…and then was brought back to life. Again, this is way too cool to just brush over.

It probably means a great deal more about Jon (we will talk about it later) but if he was brought back once, no doubt he could be brought back again. So it would just be a loop of people trying to kill him and Jon because like “I’m King always” and honestly, it is just super cool that he died and came back.