30 Reasons Why Jon Snow Deserves The Iron Throne

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25. He Might Not Be Able To Have Kids

With everything that has happened since Robert Baratheon died, one thing is clear: kids are the worst. Joffrey was absolutely terrible. Well, terrible is an understatement. Joffrey was literally the worst character to ever exist and that includes people like Voldemort and Lex Luthor. And he got possession of the crown simply because of who is father was.

Well, his father wasn’t even a Baratheon. It was his own uncle. Basically the kids of people trying to take possession of the throne are terrifying and think they deserve it just because of who their family is. Jon has no one really rooting for him. His real parents are dead, his adoptive parents are dead, his brother is dead and Sansa and Arya are missing to him.

Jon may not be able to have children that will kill him to take the throne. While it means it won’t have an heir, it at least means we won’t get another Joffrey. Some evil little kid won’t try and take over the throne and ruin the lives of everyone in Westeros.

So maybe it would be a bad thing if Jon can’t have kids but at least we wouldn’t get Joffrey 2.0 from him.