30 Reasons Why Jon Snow Deserves The Iron Throne

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Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

Jon Snow is everyone’s king (or at least he should be) and so we’ve complied a list of 30 reasons why Jon Snow should take the Iron Throne.

Everyone wants their favorite to gain control of the Iron Throne but let’s be honest, Jon Snow is the most deserving. There are just so many good things about him that would be extremely beneficial for the greater good of Westeros.

With Jon, he’d make sure that there was as much peace across Westeros as he could manage and he is the natural successor to the North since Robb was killed. But it is not only that, he has a plethora of qualities that truly make him the most desirable option Westeros has to rule the Iron Throne.

From his bloodline (he is a Stark and a Targaryen) to his skillset (the Night’s Watch really helped him become prepared for the role of King), Jon is the most qualified as well as the one who would try to bring peace. He already tried with the wildlings so of course he’d try to do it with the rest of Westeros as well.

So we decided to list 30 reasons why Jon Snow is worthy of ruling. There are plenty more but 30 is a good number to prove just how amazing Jon Snow would be if he was able to gain the Iron Throne.