A Comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide For The TV Lover In Your Life

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Photo: Etsy/MotherShip

30 Rock is loosely based on the back stage antics at Saturday Night Live, but it quickly became much more than a behind the scenes novelty. In fact, Liz Lemon has emerged as one of the most iconic feminist icons of our modern era. Not only is she all of us, she is also an excellent resource for quotes, motivation, and general life goals. Liz Lemon is my spirit animal and, trust me, she should be yours too.

We all need a little Liz Lemon in our lives, and this magnet captures the perfect, “Oh Brother” expression that we’ve come to love. At just $4 a pop, you could afford to buy dozens of these, and just hand them out to everyone at the holidays. Anytime someone says something completely ridiculous, wildly insulting, or even just slightly annoying, hand them this Liz magnet, and they’ll get the picture. (We hope.) Heaven knows we’re probably gonna have our fair share of eye-roll worthy moments, and who better to deal with our extended family, coworkers or the public in general than Liz Lemon.

Liz Lemon Babe Magnet – $4

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