A Comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide For The TV Lover In Your Life

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Photo: CafePress

Be respectful to the Big Bang Theory fans in your life, and give them this gift that is both decorative AND functional. Okay, so maybe it’s a little more dysfunctional than anything, but if you know someone who is very proprietary about their spot on the couch, then you know what to buy them for Christmas.

If you do know someone with this particular inclination, they’re in good company, and should probably check into the popular CBS show, if they aren’t already. Sheldon has his spot saved on the couch, so this acts as a nod to the fandom and a cautionary tale to visitors who don’t know the seat hierarchy at their house.

When a firmly worded admonishment won’t do, and signs just aren’t as effective as they need to be to deter folks from your spot, you can offer this pillow to seat dictator in your life. This cute pillow might be just the thing to keep folks steered in the right direction.

This square pillow is made from sturdy, washable canvas, and you can get it with a variety of colors for the piping. It’s 20 inch sizing makes it perfect marker for the off-limits cushion.

“You’re In My Spot” Square Canvas Pillow – $21.95