Wear Westeros: 10 Online Destinations for Game of Thrones Jewelry

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Tatianart Cosplay Game of Thrones Jewelry (Screencaps via Tatianart Cosplay on Etsy)

3D Plastic Print Perfection from Tatianart Cosplay

Tatiana of TatianartCosplay is from Baltimore, Maryland. She designs 3D characters for video games as her day job, which is cool enough. Then she goes home and makes awesome cosplay accessories with a 3D plastic printer. SO FUTURE-Y.

The origin of the Daenerys Targaryen inspired “cast iron” slave collar necklace (left) is, um, problematic. But considered by itself, it’s a cool piece of jewelry. What goth hasn’t wanted a cast iron necklace? And this one is plastic, so it won’t weigh you down, unlike that leather trench you insist on wearing in July.

Wearing TatianartCosplay’s Cersei Lannister-inspired lion choker necklace will make you want to ROAR like Katy Perry. It’s plastic, not gold. Part of Tywin doesn’t approve, but his penny (dragon?) pinching side is all for it.

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The Daenerys Targaryen dragonscale collar (right) looks like bronze, but of course it isn’t.  Good thing it’s plastic so you can wear it and stand upright at the same time. That’s important whether you’re at a holiday party or conquering everyone who gets in your way.