Interview with Justin Freer, Conductor of Harry Potter Film Concert Series

The Harry Potter Film Concert Series is heading to the home of the wizard and his creator, and conductor/founder John Freer is pretty freaking excited.

If you’re like me, you probably know the Harry Potter soundtrack better than any One Direction song. So it’s only reasonable that we’d get a concert too, right? Justin Freer, the founder/conductor of the Harry Potter Film Concert Series, feels the same way. Thanks to Freer’s  Cineconcerts, Potter Fans can hear all eight movies performed LIVE in a Film Concert Series! Freer sat down with Pottermore to discuss the magical concert.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – APRIL 01: Composer Justin Freer conducts the orchestra at the STAR TREK: The Ultimate Voyage 50th Anniversary Tour. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Freer is familiar with bringing classic movies from soundtrack to full orchestra. He has recently performed Star Trek, The Godfather, and Titanic. But something was very different about adding a 90-person orchestra to our favorite wizarding world. While sitting down with Pottermore Freer explained how special this Harry Potter series was: “I think that John Williams is one of the great geniuses of all music, not just film … Between J.K. [Rowling’s] creations and John’s creations, what a wonderful marriage.”

Freer has a lot of exciting elements to bring to the magical movies and John William’s infamous soundtrack. He says his favorite part, however, is the Quidditch match. “I adore the Quidditch match. There’s just so much adventure, and soulful spirit, intrigue, suspense, there’s almost every emotion you can feel,” said Justin to Pottermore.

It seems the main purpose for Cineconcerts, according to Freer, is to merge artistic mediums. Freer explained, “If we’ve cultivated one more fan of music, or one more fan of film, or one more fan of Harry Potter, I think we’ve succeeded as entertainers on the stage.”