36 New Holiday and Christmas Albums for 2016

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Janet Devlin, Little Lights
November 4, 2016

Little Lights is Janet Devlin’s second foray into holiday music. Hailing from Ireland, Janet is best known from Britain’s eighth season of The X Factor where she finished fifth in 2011. She also has a pretty active and fairly popular YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and music videos for her music, including her holiday music. She found viral fame with her first Christmas EP December Daze in 2015. Janet Devlin is really good at capturing a lot of different feelings that one might have during the holiday season. From dazed and confused to warm and fuzzy, her songs run the gamut and are a lot of fun. She also has a very distinct and interesting voice. At times it can sound like the voice of a little girl, and at others is mature and majestic. If you’re not a fan, you soon will be. Little Lights includes original songs and some covers of classic Christmas songs like “White Christmas”. Original song “Christmas Kiss” is super cute, so definitely check that one out!

Track listing:

  1. Wake Up It’s Christmas
  2. Merry Xmas Everybody
  3. Merry Christmas Mum & Dad
  4. White Christmas
  5. Something Beginning With Christmas
  6. Christmas Kiss