19 People In The TV Industry The LGBTQ Community is Thankful For

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11. Jeffrey Masters

Jeffrey Masters is the mastermind behind Afterbuzz TV’s LGBTQ&A, where queer voices have their own platform in this industry. Much like other Afterbuzz podcasts, LGBTQ&A is released on a weekly basis, but instead of analyzing TV shows, Masters is interviewing the people behind them. Particularly the TV shows (and films) with heavy queer representation.

Masters describes it as a “single place on the Internet for all of our stories.” His first guest was Ali Liebegott, who stars in and writes for the show Transparent, and he just recently sat down with Peter Paige, a co-creator from The Fosters. He’s been inspired by the people fighting for LGBTQ+ representation and dreams he can eventually sit down with many of them.

Ultimately, Masters wants to give a voice to those who are often silenced. He says in a recent interview, “I hope it shows young queer kids that there isn’t any one way to be gay or bi or trans or whatever,” and I can say first hand, that it’s absolutely giving people a voice and showing young queer kids that they’re accepted, loved, and needed.