The Best Thanksgiving Episodes In The (Recent) History Of Television

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If you’re too young to remember The Wonder Years, then you really missed out on this beautiful show about adolescence and coming of age. The Wonder Years was show in the 80s, set in the 60s, about an awkward young man growing up in the suburbs. Kevin Arnold and his nerdy best friend, Paul, were the poster kids for the misfits, outcasts and those who couldn’t really find a place to fit in. In other words, me.

If you are firmly in my generation, and you didn’t break into a million pieces watching Kevin fall in love with Winnie Cooper, then you should check your heart place for a lump of coal. Kevin’s battle with unrequited love spoke to every adolescent in America. Whether you were a Kevin, Paul or Winnie, there was something you could relate to in this show.

In “The Ties That Bind,” money is tight at the Arnold house, so Kevin’s dad, Jack, asks for a raise and gets it. The drawback is that the new position means more travel and he won’t be home for Thanksgiving. Watch this show at your own emotional risk because it will break your heart a million times – in a the best way.