Miss Fisher Movie Trilogy Starring Essie Davis Announced

The Honourable Miss Fisher is coming back in a trilogy of movies. And yes, Essie Davis will be playing the daring detective!

If you’ve already watched all the episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries five times and are yearning for more, great news! They’re making three movies starring the Honorable Phryne.

Essie Davis is in Demand

Producers Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox decided to make a Miss Fisher movie trilogy so they can shoot around the increasingly employed Essie Davis’ expanding schedule. Among other roles, she’s currently cast as Lady Crane in Game of Thrones. She the plays actress who plays Cersei in the mummers’ show in Braavos. I did not even recognize her, perhaps because I’m not used to seeing her without bangs.

Essie Davis as Lady Crane, Playing Cersei Lannister, in Game of Thrones (Screencap via HBO)
Travel Plans

Eagger told Australia’s Daily Telegraph (subscription) that

We want it to be like the Indiana Jones movies,” Eagger added. “We might not have Steven Spielberg’s budget but that is what she (Phryne Fisher) is – an action hero. She got to be able to fly the world. It could be ‘Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears’ so she has to go to Arabia. We’d love to go to India. We have fun thinking about the destinations.

That should be easy enough. Phryne already knows how to fly a plane.

Essie Davis as Miss Phryne Fisher – Aviatrix (Screencap via Everycloudproductions)

Think of all the amazing outfits Phryne will wear in Arabia and India! The show’s costume designer, Marion Boyce, obviously loves sumptuous fabrics, so I’m sure we can look forward to gorgeously draped veils and saris.

These stories will be even better in a longer format. More time for clothing changes, for one thing. You know Phryne will shop for a new wardrobe for each trip, right?

Super Phryne

We need Miss Fisher now more than ever. She stands up for herself and for the good people around her. Phryne fights crime, drives fast cars, and looks fabulous doing it all. And she doesn’t care about all the men (and many of the women) who are trying to hold her back.

Of course, that’s easier for Phryne, because privilege and beauty are superpowers. Miss Fisher is upper class, rich, and titled. She is Wonder Woman, Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel and Zelda Fitzgerald all rolled into one sharp and sexy package. Also Indiana Jones. Bet she could drink that guy under the table, too.

The Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries movies will start shooting toward the end of 2017.