Here Are 20 Reasons Why We All Love Eddie Redmayne

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Courtesy of the Herald Sun

10. Stephen Hawking and Eddie

If there is one story that perfectly encapsulates Eddie Redmayne, it is about his friendship with Stephen Hawking during The Theory of Everything. He is so sweet and so excited about everything that he started telling Stephen things he already knew.

Now that’s not to say that Eddie talked down to Stephen Hawking. Eddie is smarter than that. He knew that he was nowhere near the intelligence level of the theoretical physicist. Instead, Eddie would learn information about Stephen during filming and run to tell Stephen. He would tell Stephen Hawking about Stephen Hawking’s own life like Stephen Hawking didn’t already know.

That alone makes Eddie seem like a happy little puppy. He got so excited about what  he was doing that he didn’t even think. He just wanted Stephen to be included and ran to him like Stephen had no idea.

It is heartwarming because very few actors get that excited anymore. Or at least, not that we know of. But with Eddie, time and time again we hear these stories. He gets so happy and excited that he runs and tells everyone. Even if that person is the person he’s portraying. But their friendship is sweet and it is amazing that Eddie got to honor the life of Stephen Hawking.