21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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The Relationship of Philip and Elizabeth

Philip and Elizabeth is a very interesting relationship to look at. The two are madly in love with each other when the show begins but we the audience can start to see the problems bubbly beneath the surface. Philip is temperamental and Elizabeth continues to let whatever he is doing happen and doesn’t stop him.

She feels guilty and he feels trapped so they just continue to exist in their separate lives. But when they do come together and are in love, it is so beautiful. The two really have amazing chemistry and Smith and Foy do an incredible job of giving so much of their relationship away with such simple gestures.

Again, though we only know the public personification of their relationship, it is nice to imagine what their lives together are like. To see them young and in love and new parents is fascinating. You can still see the love between them as the season progresses but it will be interesting to track their relationship as the show goes on.

We know now that they are still happy and together but it will be great to watch how they got from the first episode to where they are now.