21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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Elizabeth and Margaret

Elizabeth and Margaret have a very interesting relationship as the story progresses. Their father tells them to never turn their back on one another and to always look out for each other but then they have a falling out because Elizabeth chooses duty over her sister’s happiness.

Granted, it was out of Elizabeth’s control, their relationship as a whole is something extremely intriguing. The two are Albert’s pride (Elizabeth) and his joy (Margaret). They are close in age but obviously, Elizabeth had to grow up faster than Margaret once Albert died.

What is interesting about it is that it seems as if Margaret didn’t think anything would change. She expected her sister to act and do the same things as she always did. But she was the Queen now. She couldn’t do whatever it took to make Margaret happy.

There are even instances where it seems like Margaret doesn’t know how to act like a princess. She causes a fuss and makes her mother come home early to take over for her all because she wanted to speak her mind.

In a way, maybe it will make her see that Elizabeth did what was necessary by denying her Peter but who knows. From what we can tell, Margaret always loved Peter until the very end of her life.