The Feminist Gift Guide: For Every Feminist on Your List!

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Image via Feminist Sticker Club

Feminist Sticker Club Subscription

For: The feminist who decorates with activism

Price: $3.00/month

There’s a particular type of person – like me, for instance – who is really motivated by stickers. I don’t know what it is. Maybe the rewards systems we had as kids are to blame. Maybe we just appreciate little pieces of art everywhere. But we love them.

Politically, stickers are often used to show your support for a candidate or a cause. So, what better cause to advertise than feminism? The Feminist Sticker Club has been one of my favorite discoveries I’ve made over this past year. For just $3 a month, Kelly Hinkle (who started the club) will send you a different, high-quality sticker from a different feminist artist each month.

Image via Feminist Sticker Club/Cortney Elizabeth

The stickers are beautiful, unique, and intersectional. They feature messages like, “Practice self-love,” “Equal pay or bust,” and “You will change the world.” But in addition to getting a lovely surprise in the mail every month, you and your recipient friend can feel great about where the money is going to. 20% of the proceeds go to the artists of the sticker, who are diverse feminists from all walks of life. And an additional 10% of the proceeds go to feminist charities and causes. Some of their recent contributions were to organizations like One Love Foundation, which works to increase awareness of domestic violence, and Khloe Kares, a charity run by 8-year-old Khloe, who distributes “Kare Bags” to people who are homeless or otherwise less fortunate.

For a gift that gives back, and leaves your friend with beautiful little works of feminist art each month, check out Feminist Sticker Club. And consider getting yourself a subscription too!

She’ll Love It If: She’s still in school – because she’ll be learning early, and she’ll have a locker to decorate; she loves supporting intersectional feminist artists; even when you think there’s no way she can fit another sticker on her laptop, car, water bottle, guitar case, etc., she always finds room somehow

Buy It Here: Feminist Sticker Club