45 iconic chick flick quotes every film fanatic should know

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Are you the ultimate ‘chick flick’ movie buff? Test yourself with these iconic quotes from some of my personal favorites.

Chick flicks. They’re there for every girls night. They’re there to get you through every heart break. They’re there to make you laugh until you cry. They’re there to give you hope- in love, in friendships, in family.

For years, chick flicks have played a critical role in the film industry, going all the way back to Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961. We have the obvious John Hughes “Brat Pack” classics in the 1980s that acquired their own cult following. Then we move to the 1990s and early 2000s where we saw a huge leap in the amount of popularity for these films. In the late 2000s and all the way up until now, these movies have become a staple in any film fanatics collection.

I’m bringing you a list of 45 classic chick flicks, and quotes from each one of those movies that are not only iconic to the film, but symbolize the views of women towards men, love, relationships, and friends. Can you guess each of these movies by just seeing the quote? Then you’re the ultimate chick flick movie buff!

Let me know how many you got in the comments!

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