New Music Releases for Friday, November 11th


New releases this Friday include music from old faves A Tribe Called Quest and Sting, and Indie artists Radkey and Sleigh Bells, and more.

Friday is quickly approaching, which means my favorite time of the week is quickly approaching… And I’m not talking about the weekend (although, that’s nice, too). No, it’s new album day!

This Friday we’re getting some very exciting releases from A Tribe Called Quest, Enigma, and a semi-underground Indie band from Kansas City, Radkey. There are also new albums from classic rock legends Sting, Rolling Stones (a live album), and Pink Floyd (the early years). Take a look below at everything new coming this Friday.

My favorites include A Tribe Called Quest, Animals as Leaders, Emeli Sandé, and Radkey.

A Tribe Called Quest, We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service
Epic Records

Seven months since the death of Phife Dawg, ATCQ will release new music— after 18 years. Collaborators on the album include Jack White, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, and Elton John.

Album Art for “We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service”. Image Credit: A Tribe Called Quest and Epic Records

A Tribe Called Quest will join Dave Chappelle on November 12th on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest. Dave Chappelle will host (!!!!!).

A tracklist is not available at this time.

Animals as Leaders, The Madness of Many
Sumerian Records

The fourth studio album by Animals as Leaders, an American instrumental progressive metal band out of D.C., is self-produced and includes ten new tracks by the threesome. The band will also begin touring November 10th beginning in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  1. Arithmophobia
  2. Ectogenesis
  3. Cognitive Contortions
  4. Inner Assassins
  5. Private Visions of the World
  6. Backpfeifengesicht
  7. Transcentience
  8. The Glass Bridge
  9. The Brain Dance
  10. Apeirophobia

Enigma, The Fall Of A Rebel Angel
Republic Records

Enigma’s eighth studio album comes eight years after their last— Seven Lives Many Faces. The German musical project has been around since 1990 and has amassed a cult-like following of fans. This newest album will put together 12 tracks that act as chapters piecing together a musical story. I can’t wait!

  1. Circle Eight feat. Nanuk
  2. The Omega Point
  3. Diving
  4. The Die is Cast feat. Mark Josher
  5. Mother feat. Anggun
  6. Agnus Dei
  7. Sadeness Part II feat. Anggun
  8. Lost In Nothingness
  9. Oxygen Red feat. Anggun
  10. Confession Of The Mind
  11. Absolvo
  12. Amen feat. Aquilo

Loscil, Monument Builders

Loscil, the electronic/ambient music project by Scott Morgan, is releasing it’s eleventh album. The last album by the project was Sea Island back in ’14.

  1. Drained Lake
  2. Red Tide
  3. Monument Builders
  4. Straw Dogs
  5. Deceiver
  6. Anthropocene
  7. Weeds

Luke Temple, A Hand Through The Cellar Door
Secretly Canadian

If folk music is your thing, Luke Temple may also be your thing. He has a beautiful falsetto voice and may remind you slightly of Jeff Buckley.

  1. Estimated World
  2. The Birds of Late December
  3. Maryanne Was Quiet
  4. Smashing Glass
  5. The Case of Louis Warren
  6. The Complicated Men of the 1940s
  7. Ordinary Feeling
  8. The Masterpiece is Broken

Martha Wainwright, Goodnight City
PIAS Cooperative

Martha Wainwright is the daughter of American folk singer Loudon Wainwright III and Canadian folk singer Kate McGarrigle. She is also a folk-rock singer. Goodnight City will be her seventh album.

  1. Around the Bend
  2. Franci
  3. Traveller
  4. Look into My Eyes
  5. Before the Children Came Along
  6. Window
  7. Piano Music
  8. Alexandria
  9. So Down
  10. One of Us
  11. Take the Reins
  12. Francis

Simian Mobile Disco, Welcome to Sideways

Simian Mobile Disco is an electronic duo out of the UK. Welcome to Sideways is their fifth studio album, following Whorl from 2014.

  1. Happening Distractions
  2. Far Away From a Distance
  3. Bubble Has No Answers
  4. Staring at All This Handle
  5. Face to Face With Spoon
  6. Space Is Full of Ringing
  7. Remember in Reverse
  8. Flying or Falling
  9. Drone Follows Me Everywhere
  10. Welcome to Sideways (A Delicacies Mix)

Sleigh Bells, Jessica Rabbit
Torn Clean

Noise pop. That’s a thing. It can be pretty good or it can be exactly how it sounds— like noise. Sleigh Bells happen to be one of the best at what they do. They released their debut album in ’10 and have released two other albums since then, not including Jessica Rabbit.

  1. It’s Just Us Now
  2. Torn Clean
  3. Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold
  4. I Can’t Stand You Anymore
  5. Crucible
  6. Loyal For
  7. I Can Only Stare
  8. Throw Me Down The Stairs
  9. Unlimited Dark Paths
  10. I Know Not To Count On You
  11. Rule Number One
  12. Baptism By Fire
  13. Hyper Dark
  14. As If

Sting, 57th & 9th
A&M Records

This is Sting’s twelfth studio album and his first in 13 years. The album title is in reference to the intersection in New York city— streets Sting had to walk each day to get to his Hell’s Kitchen studio. The album includes 10 new tracks.

  1. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You
  2. Fifty Thousand
  3. Down, Down, Down
  4. One Fine Day
  5. The Pretty Young Soldier
  6. Petrol Head
  7. Heading South On The Great North Road
  8. If You Can’t Love Me
  9. Inshallah
  10. The Empty Chair

The Rolling Stones, Havana Moon [Live Album]
Universal Music

For The Rolling Stones first ever performance in Havana, Cuba, they recorded the entire thing and are releasing it for everyone to enjoy. Their performance in Havana took place on March 25th. They were the first major American rock band to perform in Cuba since the US lifted the embargo. The album will include a CD and DVD (or BluRay) of the performance.

  1. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  2. It’s Only Rock ‘N Rocll (But I Like It)
  3. Tumbling Dice
  4. Out Of Control
  5. All Down The Line
  6. Angie
  7. Paint It Black
  8. Honky Tonk Woman
  9. You Got the Silver
  10. Before They Make Me Run
  11. Midnight Rambler
  12. Miss You
  13. Gimme Shelter
  14. Start Me Up
  15. Sympathy For The Devil
  16. Brown Sugar
  17. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  18. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Emeli Sandé, Long Live The Angels
Virgin Records

Relative newcomer Emeli Sande will release her second album this Friday after her debut album in 2012, Our Version of Events. Emeli is a Scottish pop/ mainstream R&B artist. Her music has garnered quite a bit of attention, thanks in part to her opening act gig with Coldplay a few years ago.

  1. Selah
  2. Breathing Underwater
  3. Happen
  4. Hurts
  5. Give Me Something
  6. Right Now
  7. Shakes
  8. Garden feat. Jay Electronica & Áine Zion
  9. I’d Rather Not
  10. Lonely
  11. Sweet Architect
  12. Tenderly feat. Joel Sande & The Serenje Choir
  13. Every Single Little Piece
  14. Highs & Lows
  15. Babe
  16. Kung Fu
  17. Somebody
  18. This Much Is True

Olly Murs, 24 Hrs
Epic Records

Olly Murs, the runner-up in 2009’s The X Factor, will release his fifth album in six years this Friday. He was the opening act for One Direction’s Up All Night US tour.

  1. You Don’t Know Love
  2. Years & Years
  3. Grow Up
  4. Unpredictable
  5. Back Around
  6. Deeper
  7. 24 Hrs
  8. Private
  9. Love You More
  10. Ready My Mind
  11. Better Than Me
  12. Flaws
  13. That Girl
  14. Before You Go
  15. Better Without You
  16. How Much for Your Love

Nathan Sykes, Unfinished Business
Global Entertainment

Elctronic-pop-dance singer Nathan Sykes’ (previously of The Wanted) debut album will include twelve brand new tracks. Having originally been slated for an 11/11 release, it ended up being released 11/4.

  1. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
  2. Kiss Me Quick
  3. Money
  4. Freedom
  5. Twist
  6. I Can’t Be Mad
  7. There’s Only One of You
  8. Famous
  9. Give It Up
  10. More Than You’ll Ever Know
  11. Over and Over Again
  12. I’ll Remember You

Saor, Guardians
Northern Silence Productions

Saor is “atmospheric music from Scotland inspired by Highland nature/landscapes, heritage and traditional poetry.” Count me in.

They are a little bit electronic, a little bit atmospheric, and a little bit metal.

  1. Guardians
  2. The Declaration
  3. Autumn Rain
  4. Hearth
  5. Tears of A Nation

Wolf People, Ruins

According to their Facebook page, Wolf People fall under the genre of “Peat boy superfuzz sphagnum moss sludge.” *Blinks*

If I had to call them something, I might try to describe them as Indie rock with an atmospheric twist.

  1. Ninth Night
  2. Rhine Sagas
  3. Night Witch
  4. Kingfisher
  5. Thistles
  6. Crumbling Dais
  7. Kingfisher Reprise
  8. Not Me Sir
  9. Belong
  10. Salts Mill
  11. Kingfisher Reprise II
  12. Glass

The Men, Devil Music
We Are The Men Records

The Men are a punk band out of Brooklyn, New York. Devil Music will be their sixth studio album. Their last album, Tomorrow’s Hits, was released in 2014 by Sacred Bones. They are what you might call “weird”.

  1. Dreamer
  2. Crime
  3. Ridin’ On
  4. Lion’s Den
  5. Patterns
  6. Violate
  7. Hit the Ground
  8. Devil Music
  9. Gun
  10. Fire

Pink Floyd, The Early Years 1965-1972
Pink Floyd Records

This one is a doozy. If you’d like to see what is included in this monster seven volume collection with CDs, DVDs, Vinyl, and memorabilia, click here.

Radkey, Delicious Rock Noise
Another Century

Radkey is an American band from St. Joseph, Missouri— about 45 minutes outside of my hometown, Kansas City, Missouri. They are brothers (their last name is Radke), and they effing rock.

  1. Dark Black Makeup
  2. Romance Dawn
  3. Love Spills
  4. Parade It
  5. Best Friends
  6. Le Song
  7. Hunger Pain
  8. Feed My Brain
  9. Sank
  10. Song of Solomon
  11. Evil Doer
  12. Glore
  13. Feel
  14. Marvel
  15. Teen Titans Theme

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So there you have it. Let me know what new release was your favorite!