The New Books Roundup, November 8: Fairy Tales Retold

This week’s new books roundup not only features a story about reincarnation, it also has a new take on the Queen of Hearts and a little steampunk.

Although you may be consumed with election (and post-election) news, sometimes, it’s really better to just turn everything off and settle down with a good book. Fortunately, this week’s new books have plenty of great options.

This week, we focused on science fiction and fantasy, both in the adult and YA sections. Let’s face it: we all need a distraction after the long presidential campaign.

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After finishing The Lunar Chronicles, author Marissa Meyer has taken up another story and refashioned it. Instead of a fairy tale, though, she’s taken a trip to Wonderland. Heartless tells the story of the Queen of Hearts before she took the crown. Catherine just wants to open a bakery, not marry the King of Hearts. But when she and the court jester begin a relationship, Wonderland will never be the same. Goodreads warns us to be ready to have our hearts crushed. Feiwel & Friends; hardcover, 464 pages; list price: $19.99.


Eugenia has a pretty circumscribed life. She lives with her mother, teaches English, and also just happens to remember all of her past lives. If she manages to get through this life with a good record, she may have the chance to choose her own life next time around. However, she isn’t the only one who has this ability, and what else can she do but set up a support group? The description tells us that it’s a contemporary fable from author Mindy Tarquini. Goodreads praises the concept and the casual voice Tarquini takes on. SparkPress; paperback, 315 pages; list price: $16.95.


Tara Sim’s debut YA novel heads back to the Victorian era and changes it around a little bit. Not only are clocks everywhere, those same clocks control time. Crack one, and you damage the fabric of time; destroy one, and you stop time. Mechanic Danny Rand knows all about fixing clocks, and when he’s assigned to a new town, he has a new apprentice. That apprentice has some secrets of his own — and some feelings, too. Danny finds himself embroiled in a new relationship and a greater plot to stop time all over. Goodreads praises the romance between Danny and Colton, the mythology references to Chronos, and more. Sky Pony Press; hardcover, 424 pages; list price: $17.99.

Other new books out today include a new novel from Stephenie Meyer of Twilight fame, The ChemistLove Between the Lines, a coloring book for people who love books; and the Epic Collection for Doctor Strange.

What new books will be first on your reading list this week?