Here Are Hillary’s Best Pantsuits From The Past 20 Years

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Official Visit Of Simone Veil At The White House. Washington- 24 octobre 1994- Visite officielle de Simone VEIL, reçue par Hillary CLINTON à la Maison Blanche.. (Photo by Jean-Louis Atlan/Paris Match via Getty Images)

PANT SUIT ONE: Bold royal blue with giant gold buttons and a broach

President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton moved into the White House in 1993 and of course all eyes were on Hillary. What type of First Lady would she be? How would she make her mark on the role of First Lady? And how would she dress? With all kinds of official events and visits to host, decisions on what to wear for public figures is a constant concern. Especially when it comes to politics and how critical people can be. So what did Hillary decide to do?

In October 1994, Hillary donned this stunning blue pantsuit at the White House for the official visit of French lawyer Simone Veil. While Veil is also is rocking a pantsuit, this is an early indication of Hillary’s bold pantsuit choices that she would soon become known for. She’s certainly not shying away from attention in this one! The matching earrings really make for a pulled-together look. But would this be a one-off pantsuit or the making of a style icon? Would the pantsuit transcend the 1990s or simply be a fad? And where do you buy these brightly-colored pantsuits? Only time would tell and Hillary certainly would be the most prominent proponent of the pantsuit in history!