22 Times The 2016 Presidential Election Was A Dumpster Fire

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12. Deez Nuts Joins Presidential Race

We mentioned earlier that the bar for running for president is actually pretty low. Though political experience certainly doesn’t hurt, many people are able to file their candidacy beyond the several dozen that made it into media coverage. One boy in particular made quite the impression by managing to get himself in the polls alongside the Republican and Democratic nominee.

According to CBS News, under the pseudonym “Deez Nuts,” a fifteen-year-old Iowa boy called Brady Olson created a whole presidential campaign to express frustration with the state of politics. Although at his age, he could not take office, filing for candidacy is enough to be able to ask to be included in polls. So in an actual political survey, the name Deez Nuts not only appeared, but polled at 9%.

Aside from the funny name, Olson outlined his policy views more clearly than some actual politicians. And even though he can’t vote, he raises a fair point about having to live with the choices of politicians. Viewpoints that aren’t always clear until they take office. Given all that’s happened, you can’t exactly blame Olson for wanting to undermine the legitimacy of the race. In fact, sometimes it seems like the candidates do that for themselves.