21 Best Movie and Television US Presidents We Wish Were On the Ballot

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11. President Constance Payton (State of Affairs)

President Payton is the first black female President. She is an intelligent woman who knows about severe loss. Her son was killed by a terrorist group. They are responsible for the attack on the diplomatic motorcade. It was in that gun battle that resulted in her child’s death. Charlie was President Payton soon to be daughter in law. Charlie is also CIA and works directly for her. Payton has promised to give Charlie all her resources at her disposal as long as she catches her son’s killer. President Payton also has to deal with all the world’s problems but seems to do it relative ease. She has a high-level knowledge of intelligence which would suggest she might have a CIA background. Any political party would love to have her on their ticket.

Revenge motivates her actions. Some would suggest this is someone who is not fit to be the President. I believe President Payton is driven to secure the nation, so another mother doesn’t have to endure the pain of burying a beloved son. Her husband and other son are the only surviving members of her family.