39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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Travis Shaw (The Choice)

While The Choice is a pretty terrible movie, there is something good about it. There’s Travis Shaw. Granted he does some pretty terrible things and literally breaks up a happy couple but he knows that he loves Gabby and he goes for it.

This entire film is just The Notebook 2.0 and it even includes a hospital and rain and a boat. But Travis is something special. He is funny and sweet and he’s so intelligent. I mean, he is a veterinarian.

But Travis also loves Gabby so much that it’s all that really matters to him. And the one time that he slipped up on it and put work before her she ended up getting in a car accident and almost dying. Again, not the best movie in the world but it at least shows a lot about Travis.

In a weird way of trying to get Gabby to wake up from a coma, he builds her a gazebo from her childhood and it brings her out of it (Again, this movie isn’t great). But he gives up everything for her to make sure she’s okay and he cherishes her while he can and that is something extremely rare in our world today.