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Dexter Mayhew (One Day)

If you want to cry and hate everything and think that life is terrible, definitely watch One Day and see Emma and Dexter Mayhew fall in love. The plot is actually really cute. Emma and Dexter go to university together and they meet on their graduation day. There is tension between them but it blossoms into a friendship.

The two meet every year on the day they met and spend the day together no matter what. As their friendship progresses, they realize their feelings for each other. They go up and down and Dexter struggles with drugs and alcohol but they eventually end up together. On the anniversary of their ‘day’, Emma goes for her normal swim class and ends up getting hit by a bus and dying.

Literally this movie and novel will tear you apart and make you cry. While Dexter struggles with his feelings and himself, he tries and that’s what makes him amazing. He wants to be perfect and be what every girl in his life needs but he doesn’t always know how to do that. But he tries and he works towards being better and when he finally figures it all out, Emma dies because happiness is fleeting guys.