39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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Matt Flamhaff (13 Going On 30)

Matt Flamhaff from 13 Going On 30 made everyone realize that they were in love with Mark Ruffalo. A movie that surprised people with how good it was, it showed us what can happen if we, at thirteen, saw what became of our childhood best friends at thirty.

Matt though is special. Jenna Rink, his best friend at the age of thirteen, wants to be popular and realizes that maybe Matt isn’t the most popular choice in best friend. She wishes she was 30 and her wish is granted. It’s when she realizes she’s a cold-hearted business woman that she seeks out Matt to try and figure out how she, a thirteen year old girl, got to where she is.

What’s sweet about it all is that Matt gives Jenna everything she’s ever wanted when they were kids and continues to do so as adults. He loves her enough to let her go and let her find the friends she thinks she deserves and he only wants Jenna to be happy.

It also taught us of how important Mark Ruffalo is as a romantic love interest and gave us an amazing dance scene where Mark danced to “Thriller” and all our dreams came true.