39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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Charles Aiken (August Osage County)

August Osage County is a Tracy Letts play that was adapted for the screen. With an all-star cast, there was little hype about the movie at the time of its release. However for those who did see it, one thing was certain; we all love Charles Aiken and we were all very confused by it.

The thing about August Osage County is that it is pretty messed up when you look at it. Ivy, the daughter of Beverly and Violet Weston, falls in love with her cousin Charles Aiken. They think their relationship is fine since she can’t have children but it’s weird on a multitude of levels.

But the thing is that Charles is just so sweet and he tries and he writes Ivy a beautiful song.

The play and the movie are a little messed up and Charles acts like he is extremely young because of how his mother treated him, but he is still an amazing character. He does whatever he needs to for love (even if it is a little messed up) and he goes after what he wants.

Plus he is a pretty good song writer and singer and if you look past the fact that they are first cousins, Ivy and Charles are pretty cute!