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You’re the Worst continues on FXX Wednesday night at 10:00 P.M. EST.  Here’s what you need to know to watch it online.

You’re the Worst has been a quality roller coaster this season.  The difference between the high point (so far, “Twenty-Two”, hands down) and the low point (probably that time Jimmy thought he was having an emotional response but then just farted) is very stark.  But my faith in the show is forever spurred by its potential.  Just like the mother of a misbehaving child, I know it can do better.  I’ve seen it.  It’s so good when it wants to be!

Luckily last week’s episode brought us back to that place for a little while.  Focusing the entire episode on two supporting characters was such a smart move.  And choosing Paul and Vernon made it even better.  On the one hand, they may be the two characters least like each other.  There’s a lot of conflict to be had between a soft-spoken bird watcher and a surgeon with a shock-jock personality.  But they have one critical thing in common; Becca and Lindsay treat them terribly.

The honesty with which the show handled “The Seventh Layer” was excellent.  And the truthful character portrayals only intensified the hilarity.  It really brought me back to the time when I could count on You’re the Worst for reliable funny realness.  Here’s hoping the next episode will do the same.

You’re the Worst, Screencap via FXX

Entitled “Talking to Me, Talking to Me,” tomorrow’s episode is described in TV Guide with the following summary.  “Jimmy builds a treehouse; Gretchen attends an emotional event with Lindsay; and Edgar’s professional life starts taking off, much to Dorothy’s dismay.”

Ah yes, the treehouse.  If you’ll recall, before last week’s episode, we had the lukewarm “Genetically Inferior Beta Males,” in which Jimmy decided he wasn’t a writer anymore.  After realizing he was only writing to get approval from his now-deceased father, Jimmy is switching career paths.  At the end of the episode he was considering carpentry and had blueprints for an elaborate structure.  I worry about this storyline.  The show hasn’t really treated Jimmy fairly lately.  With his father’s death sparking clichéd emotion, I’ve been waiting for Jimmy to get a chance at real character development and true emotional moments.  This treehouse thing just seems like another wacky scenario.

But the next bit of the summary has me hopeful.  The “emotional event” they are referring to is almost certainly Lindsay’s abortion.  The long, slow unraveling of her relationship with Paul has led us to this inevitable conclusion, and honestly I can’t wait.  Every episode she doesn’t get an abortion makes me nervous that she’ll ultimately be stuck with a baby and a husband, neither of whom she wants.  But in “The Seventh Layer” last week, Paul gave up the chance to escape Lindsay, just because he really, really wants to be a father.  So, that’s a bummer.  There’s no knowing how Lindsay will address this with Paul, but my money is on the fact that she just won’t.  At least, not tomorrow.

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