10 Things That Make Mamma Mia Amazing

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Slipping Through My Fingers

For every kid who is close to their parents, “Slipping Through My Fingers” means a lot. It’s about Donna coming to terms with the fact that Sophie is grown and moving on from needing only her. But what’s nice about the song and the scene is that it shows Sophie dealing with it too.

Most times there’s a kid growing up and moving out, it’s just about the parents. But it’s hard on the kid too. If you’re close to your mother or father, it’s hard to leave them to go do things for yourself. They’ve always been there for you and when you leave, it’s like you’re abandoning them.

So this scene is beautiful because it is all about Donna and then, at the very end, Sophie joins in singing with her. It shows the audience that this is just as hard for Sophie because all she’s ever had is her mother.

Mamma Mia, at its core, is about Donna and Sophie and that mother daughter relationship they share. And it’s absolutely beautiful and something that you don’t get to see much of in movies. Usually it is a terrible relationship but not with Donna and Sophie. They love each other and would do anything for one another.