16 Awesome British Mysteries You Can Stream Right Now

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Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris in “Rosemary & Thyme”. (Photo: Carnival Film & Television)

Rosemary & Thyme

This is not the most cerebral British mystery out there. Nor is it particularly dark or twisty. It’s actually just really sweet and fun – or as much as a show can be that’s still got a person dying in every episode.

Rosemary & Thyme follows the story of two women – former constable Laura Thyme and former university lecturer Rosemary Boxer. They’ve both got green thumbs and are serious gardening enthusiasts. They’ve also both recently gone through serious life changing events. (One is losing her husband; one her job.) So it’s no surprise when they hit it off while investigating two accidents concerning a very poisonous plant. And so a crime fighting duo was born!

Basically, this is a show where two amateur sleuths solve seriously non-scary murders Miss Marple-style and give us a lot of pretty things to look at in the process, from beautiful gardens to bucolic countryside. There are no dark twists here, just straightforward whodunnits. And despite the fact that the show is ostensibly about deaths, there’s something extremely comforting about watching a show like this, where friendship, a dry comment and a stiff upper lip will always save the day in the end.

Number of Seasons: 3

Where to Watch: Netflix or Acorn TV