The 17 Most Feminist Halloween Costumes For 2016

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Alex Danvers

Well, you can’t have Kara Danvers without her sister, Alex Danvers. She’s an undercover D.E.O. agent and went through years of intense training to become what she is today. Her, along with Hank Henshaw, keep a look out for Kryptonians who are causing problems in National City. Not only is she a D.E.O. agent, she’s the bio-engineer of the division, ranking her high on our badass lady scale.

Her relationship with Kara is something held tightly by Supergirl viewers. A Dynamic between sisters like this is hard to come by on television, and the Danvers sisters don’t disappoint. Although they don’t always see eye to eye, their love runs deep, and they team up everyday to save the world.

Alex Danvers is typically seen in all black. She wears a black polo most days, with black pants, and always a few guns strapped around her things for her disposal.