How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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April Ludgate

April Ludgate-Dwyer would not let Leslie Knope know that she was going to vote for Hillary Clinton. She wouldn’t pretend to be a Trump supporter but she’d continually make comments about how she was writing in Werner Herzog for President.

Leslie would explain the electoral system and how that doesn’t work that way but it wouldn’t stop April from teasing her. The entire election season. From the time that Trump announced that he was running until the day of the election, April was thriving in watching Leslie squirm.

But then Election Day came around and she came into the office wearing her “I’m With Her” shirt and showed Leslie a picture of her volunteering for the Clinton campaign. She’d admit that Leslie showed her the importance of voting and how important this election was and Leslie would start crying.

April would obviously end up regretting telling Leslie any of it but she would end up taking the election seriously in the end. It was proven time and time on the show that April isn’t a dumb girl, she’s exceptionally smart and she’d recognize the importance of the election. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have fun with Leslie while she could.