How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Li’l Sebastian

If Li’l Sebastian was still alive, you bet that the citizens of Pawnee would use him to decide who they vote for. They trust him more than any person so they’d set up some event when he’d have to move towards a picture of whatever candidate he liked best.

Because it’s Pawnee, it’d be rigged towards Trump. Jamm would probably set it up and he’d put hay in front of Trump and something disgusting in front of Hillary so that Li’l Sebastian wouldn’t want to go towards her.

And when Li’l Sebastian inevitably picked Trump because of how it was rigged, it would break Leslie’s heart. Ben would have to point out that he’s a horse and he would go where the hay is but she’d take it personally. She’d express how Li’l Sebastian is not just a horse, he’s a very special mini-horse and she’d probably take away whatever Li’l Sebastian merchandise was in their house for a while.

It would definitely show how insane the citizens of Pawnee could be but it’d would also prove how much Leslie loved Clinton (as if we didn’t already know. Hillary was on Leslie’s wedding dress after all). Li’l Sebastian would break Leslie’s heart and Ben would finally be free of him. For a little while, at least.