How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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The Pawnee Goddesses in Parks and Recreation, Screencap via NBC

Ever wonder what our favorite characters from Parks and Recreation would be feeling during this election? Now, you can know.

There has never been anything more tragic than Parks and Recreation ending before this year. From Pokemon Go to the newest wave of great Star Trek and Star Wars movies, Parks would’ve thrived. But nothing would have been able to beat their commentary on the upcoming election.

From its conception, Leslie Knope has praised Hillary Clinton and all things politics and Ron has been the complete opposite. But what would they think of this election we are currently experiencing? How would Leslie react to the Trump ad campaigns that shame Hillary?

While we will definitely never know for sure (unless Mike Schur makes our dreams come true and brings back Parks and Recreation), we can pretend to figure out what each character would feel about the election.

So, since we don’t have any new episodes coming at us, we’ve decided to post about how we think each character would react to the 2016 Presidential election. From Ron Swanson to Ethel Beavers, we look at as many Pawneeans as we can to figure out to see how this election would affect our favorite fictional city.

Because, let’s be honest, this debate would tear this wonderfully weird town completely apart. I mean, their terrible governor is the republican VP candidate after all…