A Rocky Horror Fan’s Take On The Fox Remake

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is for all us freaks out there and this Fox remake makes it so a new generation can feel accepted!

For generations, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has defined the weird and out of place. Kids would watch as Frank-N-Furter as his group did the Time Warp and tried to exist while Brad and Janet watched on. But very few got to experience the magic of the show in a life movie theater.

So the remake decided to take a new spin. They showed audiences what to do at specific parts of the movie and we got to feel the true experience of Rocky despite your means to get to a movie theater showing it.

On Twitter during the show, many fans complained about it and found anything to pick at. But they’re forgetting one thing, not everyone has parents willing to let them go to the movie theater to experience Rocky this way. So it’s very special for kids out there who love the show but maybe can’t go see it.

And the remake was pretty well cast. With newer takes on the songs and amazing cameos, the musical did a pretty fantastic job of keeping to the original while standing on it’s own.

Granted there were still things that could’ve been better but it did a great job of showing kids the joys of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

So while you may not have loved the Fox remake of the classic, it gave to a new generation what we’ve always gotten out of going to the theater to see the original. The next time you go to a movie theater and see The Rocky Horror Picture Show and sing “I’m Going Home” feel grateful that this remake gave that same thing to a whole new bunch of kids. And that’s something fantastic.

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