47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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9. Headless Hershel

Hershel survived a walker bite. He survived an amputation. He has cheated death more times than I can count. As the oldest member of the group, he’s the person we all expected to get knocked off in the early episodes. He also reminded us of something nobody should forget in this world- just how much we hate The Governor. Maggie crying out after the governor beheaded her father was the entire fan base of The Walking Dead.

It’s not that this death was a shocking one. Were we devastated? Yes. Did we yell at our TV’s and vow to boycott the show? Yes. It’s not the death itself we were angry over. It’s how it happened, and who did it. This reinforced how much we could actually despise the governor. It was a reminder of his disgusting morals. It established just how much we wanted Rick to get revenge on him.

Of all the questionable things that the governor did, this was absolutely the most shocking. We knew he was capable of gruesome, cruel, and sickening things. But this was the worst of them.