47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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39. Governor Kills Martinez

This moment on The Walking Dead confirmed how heartless the Governor (David Morrissey) was. As if we weren’t sure of this fact already, him killing his best friend and only confidant proved it.

Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) was the Governor’s right hand man, and was fiercely loyal to him. When Woodbury was destroyed, he decided to break off from the Governor and take leadership over his own group. After months, the governor is reunited with Martinez but its clear Martinez has a more dominant personality and establishing that over the governor.

Although Martinez came into the series with little remorse, he did show sympathy, and over time, grew into a character we could all relate to. He attempted to reconnect with the Governor when they found one another again, but that only lead to betrayal.

Martinez was hitting golf balls off the top of a trailer and offered the Governor a joint leadership position. The Governor thought he was way better than this and hit Martinez over the head with a gold club. He then dragged him to the zombie pit, and threw him in, so he could take over leadership of Martinez’s group. This made the Governor hated more than he usually was.