10 Best Moments from Hamilton’s America

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4. LMM & A.Ham

In one of the very early scenes of the play they talk about how Hamilton would write everywhere. Even while on a horse. Mere minutes later LMM says, “I write everywhere, I write on trains, I write wherever I can.” And thus we can see the line from the subject to the writer. It is crazy in some ways how Miranda’s life seems so similar to Hamilton’s and the documentary only makes it more clear.

During a scene where Miranda seems particularly stressed he too points out how linked he is with Hamilton. Two weeks after his son was born he moved into a new apartment and his (then unfinished) play had started rehearsals. It was a lot to take in.

"“(Hamilton’s) got one more battle to fight before the war is over, but he’s also got a kid on the way. And his status depends on how he does. I’m in exactly the same place, which is nuts.”"

It’s true, everything was riding on this play and with the success of In the Heights expectations were high. Miranda too could’ve become an Icarus. But he didn’t and that is what makes this so joyus to watch. Despite his connections to Alexander, this story has a happy ending. (And really it’s not over yet.)