10 Types of Tears Hamilton Made You Shed

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#6: Founding-Fatherly Love Tears

One of the core dynamics of Hamilton, and subsequently one of the show’s most interesting relationships, is the exploration of the parallels between the lives of Hamilton and Burr. They’re both orphaned quite young, they’re both educated, power-hungry, and relatively well-respected. But Hamilton is an outspoken go-getter, more concerned with saying what he feels he has to say than what those hearing it might think. Burr keeps quiet and plays it safe, unwilling to commit to any philosophy in fear of ruffling feathers. And while the first act finds them consistently meeting and butting heads, the tension breaks right before intermission when Hamilton and Burr both welcome their first children.

In a lovely lullaby slash ode to fatherhood, Hamilton and Burr swear to their children (a son and a daughter, respectively) that they’ll always be around for them. Cue sniffles. They promise their babies that, as they did for their burgeoning nation, they’ll “bleed and fight for you” and “make it right for you.” Cue tears. And as the show progresses, we watch Hamilton and his son, Philip, forge a relationship that can’t be broken…even in death. Cue blubbering. God help us all.

Songs to cry to: Dear Theodosia, Take a Break, Blow Us All Away