10 Types of Tears Hamilton Made You Shed

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Photo credit: Joan Marcus

#10: Legacy Tears

These five minutes of the soundtrack re-instate themselves in the ‘Worst Moments of My Life’ Hall of Fame each and every time I hear them. Washington comes back to remind us all that history had its eyes on Hamilton, and implies that its eyes are on us, too. (Probably not those of us who are so emotionally unstable they can’t listen to a song, but, like, fingers crossed?) Eliza emerges to fill us in on what she’s done since Alexander’s death, and it’s all beyond the level of incredible we could’ve even hoped for- and it’s all true!

She interviews all the soldiers who knew her husband, she uses his non-stop writing to spread his legacy (with Angelica!), she raises funds for the Washington monument, she speaks out against slavery, and she establishes New York’s first private orphanage, where she can watch children grow. She uses the rest of her time to tell the stories of those whose time was cut short. Basically, when it comes down to it, she lives, she dies, SHE TELLS YOUR STORY. Petition to rename the musical SCHUYLER-HAMILTON starts below.

Songs to cry to: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?